Thursday, October 22, 2009

Official Welcome to Fall

Fall isn't official until you get fall puppy pictures!! Today I got me some of those, as well as a few at Echo Glen. Preparing for her breeder scrapbook ;)

Behind closed doors live many great kids and several great dogs

Janda in front of the Canine Connections building

Yes, Bean's a volunteer too

Walkway at Echo Glen

I know, she's cute

I don't usually put her in the Halti, but the training at Echo Glen is all on Haltis so we use it there

Look at that cuuute faaace

With just a few tweaks, this would have been a great calendar picture

This reminds me of my senior pictures for some reason

Yes! She's mastered the "look at me" command :D

1 comment:

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

I can't believe how much Janda looks like Betsy! Who are her parents?