Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 2

Well today we had quite a bit of fun! Decided that Daniel (my little brother) is going to be a 'junior puppy raiser' (since he's not 9 till December). So he gets a lot of opportunities to work with Sutter and also be responsible for him. That solves the problem of him riling up my dogs and walking away.

I ordered a black Kong finally! I don't know what happened to my last one but all I have are the whimpy red ones. Hopefully it'll get here before Sutter leaves. He's a power chewer! Loves toys. He's also a little goofy. But I love it. He's very energetic and loves running/prancing around the house.

Since it was Saturday, we did our chores and then Daniel got to take Sutter for a walk. His first time walking a dog without me having another leash attached. But Sutter WAS in his headcollar so I knew he'd be fine.

After chores, we went to Daniel's soccer game and since Sutter is a guide dog, he was allowed on the field. The kids play in the middle of an astro-turf baseball field. So the parents sit on the turf. Normally dogs aren't allowed, but Sutter's speeeecial. Then I had to go to work sadly.

I have some great pictures of Sutter that I'll post tomorrow as it is 11:30pm and I'm a wee bit tired from work.

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