Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two pups in one day

Today my last class was cancelled so I ran over to Janda's house and grabbed her for our trip to Echo Glen for the day. We have a new class of dogs in and there are 6 tiny little puppies they delivered for us, too.

one of the tiny puppies

another one of the tiny puppies. You know the little stuffed animals GDB sells? This puppy is about that size.

so is this one :)

All 6 of them

4 of our program dogs

Most of our program dogs.
This session we have 2 labs a black and a yellow, a GSD, a deaf great dane, a border collie cross, a beagle cross, and a boxer. It's gonna be a fun one :D

Look at that cute girl. Working with these shelter dogs make me appreciate how well-behaved our little squirrels are.

Tonight I'm picking up MYL Sutter for about a week and a half. I am beyond excited! I have only worked with Bean for so long that I'm REALLY looking forward to having a boy!!!! So look for real posts starting tonight/tomorrow!


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Are you working for a rescue, or directly with a shelter? Looks like fun work! We got in 3 new adult dogs today at my work...and 5 kittens! Makes for a lot of paperwork.

Glad you get to work with Sutter. I know after having girls all summer I was ready to have a boy again!

Anna said...

I actually work for a juvenile rehab center type place. We shelters/rescues send us dogs that they would otherwise kill because they haven't been adopted and our kids turn them into well-behaved canine citizens.