Friday, November 27, 2009


Sutter left a little while ago, and I miss him. Sadly, my family decided that I can now only puppy-sit for a weekend or 2-3 days.Once a year I can do a puppy-sitting for longer than that. Sad. But I have a friend who is a costume designer and she said she'd help me make a slipcover for our car so I can try to get my parents to let me take Janda to school again. Yay.

Oh and I've switched my life blog to blogger, too:


Anna said...

Oh Anna. Our parents sound so similar. I hope you can get a slipcover in perfect time.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Oh so sorry! But at least you can still puppy sit and keep your skills sharp for the day when you can raise full-time again. Good luck with the slip-cover!