Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well here's the scoop on what's been happening in our club.

Margie has been career changed during breeder evals. She had cataracts :(

We're also getting 2 new "M" boys, both yellow, on the 7th. We're hoping they're siblings. Which would be awesome because they'd be our club's first sibling pair and they're also going to our leader families.

That's about it. I can't make it to the puppy truck, but Shelly is! Yay :)


Anonymous said...

Lomita was career changed for cataracts during her eval too. :( Apparently the "M" puppies coming up are from the Kentucky/Sunset litter which knowing those two names, they are going to be beautiful! :) I'll try and get as many pictures as I can for you.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Yay! The "M" Puppies are cousins to my pup Rafferty, and nieces/nephews to my first dog Sterling. Sunset and Sterling were littermates. If they are anything like their relatives your club is going to have two fantastic pups!!!

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the names being "recycled" through again. There was an "R" litter that went through not too long ago that had the name of a sibling of my wifes working Guide......"Ramona" was the name that went through; her working Guide is "Roanna".
Her retired Guide is "Mariah" and we keep looking for that name to come around again. "Mariah" had siblings "Mark", "Martha", "Marjorie" and a couple others that I cant recall. Our club just got a new "M" pup, "Myra" and also a "B" pup, "Bart".
We are raising "Wally" who at 9 months old is getting near the "return to GDB" point.