Friday, January 22, 2010


The word is officially in. Janda WILL be resuming her duties as faithful school companion this quarter. My parents still don't want her riding in their car (which I drive) so it will work as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 8:30am I will pick Janda up at her house and walk just down the road to the bus stop
  • 9:45am we will arrive (via bus) at the college and wait a while for my class to start
  • 10:30am she will sit through Communications (the professor of this class knew Vortex and met Janda when she was just a tiny baby pup and will be VERY excited to have Bean in class!)
  • 11:30am she will either sit through Scene Tech or join one of our other puppy raisers on campus if I have to work in the shop where the noise would damage her ears
  • 12:30pm we'll act together in Acting (the class where 1/2 of the students knew her from last quarter and have been asking almost every day when she's coming back)
  • 2:30pm I hope she won't howl as she listens to Voice class practicing (my professor in this class also knew Vortex and asked me yesterday when I was going to bring back another puppy)
  • 3:50pm we will board the bus heading back to Janda's house
  • 5:00pm Janda will arrive back home, exhausted
It'll be a full 8 1/2 hour day for both of us, but she's old enough that it'll be a great experience for her I think. Plus she will get to ride the bus--a great experience since a lot of visually impaired people use public transportation frequently.

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Wow, busy!
This is random, but I LOVE your header photo!

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