Saturday, December 29, 2012

14 weeks

Goodness, I can't believe how time flies!

Happy 14 week-day to the V litter! Vicente is happy, healthy, and growing like a weed.

He's doing super well with grasping the ideas he'll need to master as a guide dog. For instance, his house manners a pretty wonderful, he knows the idea of the "let's go" position, and he's just started wearing the head collar all the time. My co-raiser has done an excellent job with him, teaching him to wait at doors and the "that's enough" command.

Obviously, he is a baby so there are more things to work on than things he's really good at. He's still figuring out the "sit" command. He knows it in theory but doesn't always do it on command. He knows what "come" means, but only wants to come when he sees the food lure. He's all of a sudden started getting afraid of getting in the crate in the car. When I let him ride on the backseat floor he's fine, but if he thinks I'm going to put him in the crate in the car, he starts balking. He also doesn't like getting out of the crate in the car. Today at puppy-trade he was totally fine walking into the store that we traded at, walked through it like a pro, but then refused to move when we were walking out and into the parking lot. My co-raiser is going to try and isolate some of the behaviors this weekend to see if we can figure out exactly what's causing some of the fears.

But I mean, with all that said, he's a phenomenal dog. I'm sure most of these issues are just baby things that he'll outgrow. I'm impressed with his progress since we got him 3 weeks ago. He's figured out relieving (most of the time) and kennel cough is gone!

Oh, and he's not a fan of baths :) but he's great with grooming! I can brush, trim his nails, clean his ears, and almost brush his teeth with toothpaste and he doesn't fight me at all.

One more case you haven't seen, Boo has his own Facebook fan page :)

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