Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 days!

5 days left till puppy truck. Still no news on gender/breed/sex/name. I heard that there are only 4 puppies coming up on this truck because most of them are too young. So I have deduced a couple of things:

  1. Our puppy will probably be young. Which means longer potty training, but like my leader says, probably a more well-behaved dog in the long run
  2. There's a much smaller chance that I'm getting my LGX
  3. It's more likely that our puppy will be a sibling of the other family in our club that's getting a pup!
So I'm just checking my e-mail every 5 minutes hoping for that baby announcement.

My club is awesome and threw me a "baby shower" since this is my 1st puppy with them. They gave me all kinds of really awesome things like a Furminator, puppy Christmas stocking, toys, dishes, shampoo, poo bags, and bath towels. My last club sometimes gave us puppy toys when we got a dog, but nothing nearly this big and spectacular. I really appreciate this group. :) My tradition is to give a thank you note with a picture of the puppy and the items given to each family so if I get any really good ones, I'll post them on here. I'm just freaking excited and ready for this little munchkin.

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