Monday, December 10, 2012

The circle

So I'm sitting here with my little cuddle bug on my lap, he's falling asleep, and Janda's song came on my iPod. When both Janda and Arturo left, they had a song that just summed up how I felt. Janda's is Every Time We Say Goodbye.

I know it's early to be thinking about this, but I was looking at Vicente's Facebook page and then Janda's, and listening to his little baby snores was kinda sad. Raising guide dogs is one of the most incredible experiences in the world, and getting to see the joy all my working guides and career changes have brought their families is worth every moment, but I already can't stand the thought of sending back my little smart, vocal, sweet baby boy.



I'll leave you with a section from the lyrics of Janda's song especially for everyone who has recently sent back a puppy:

"Everytime we say goodbye, I die a little,

Everytime we say goodbye, I wonder why a little,
Why the Gods above me, who must be in the know.
Think so little of me, they allow you to go.
When you're near, there's such an air of spring about it,
I can hear a lark somewhere, begin to sing about it,
There's no love song finer, but how strange the change from major to
Everytime we say goodbye."

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