Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fears be gone

The past few weeks have been interesting. We've learned a lot about Vicente. He had kennel cough and then diarrhea (which is finally going away!). Made it difficult to potty train because he just couldn't hold it. Then he showed us this really intense and weird fear reaction to walking out doors. Only out, never in. Only businesses, never in the house. Most of the time with his head collar on, but not always. Grates, man hole covers, puddles, and going down stairs were definitely "not his thing."

Today I took him on a walk around the neighborhood since he's had his shots and can walk where other dogs have walked, now. He did every surface perfectly. We did some work on stairs and he was in perfect "let's go" position the whole time. I'm so impressed with this little guy. He's just a baby, but he's incredible with how he reacts to most distractions, and it seems like he's been doing this for a million years. The fears are completely gone, and he's just a happy little guy when we go out to see the world.

He got to meet some of our firefighters today when we were on our walk. The fire truck had pulled in and we walked around the area until they got back to the engine and he got a picture with two of them on the front of the engine (it's on his Facebook page). No one can believe he's only 4 months old because his manners are so wonderful. I'm so glad we got this little guy. And I absolutely love that I'm in contact with one of his sisters on Facebook. Amazing how similar they are.

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