Sunday, March 17, 2013

It takes a club...

You know the cliche saying about "it takes a club to raise a puppy"? In our case that's totally true. There's no way I would be able to be raising Mr. Vicente without my club.

Today my co-raiser is out of town (I have to work during meeting times which is why I have to co-raise) so one of my leaders is taking V to the outing and will have him for the next day and a half also. When he did his first puppy trade with her, she noticed that he is really whiney on tie-down (probably because they have 2 other dogs and I don't have any, so he wanted to play) and he had a difficult time settling in a work environment. Since he'll possibly be going to work with my co- raiser, it's important that he gets this down. So my awesome leader will have her own pet dogs, her own PIT, AND my PIT. She's going to try to work on his annoying whining and teaching him to settle down at work for a day.

Not to mention that I've had to set up special meetings with our leaders because sometimes meeting in person to work on an issue is worth 2,000 emails. My leaders are awesome.

AND we have really great club members. My co-raiser told me that V is really out of control and dog distracted at the meetings. So I've been meeting up with club members outside of normal times to work on dog distraction and just get some good training in. Everyone has been awesome.

So that's really it today. Just a shout out to Puppy Guides and the wonderful people who are helping me turn Vicente into the best possible dog.

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Raiser Erin said...

It's so nice when you have a great group of people to call your puppy club. :)