Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Feeling Blind

Yesterday in my drama class we did a Juno walk type activity. We're starting work in scenes, and so our scene partner was our sighted guide and we switched half way through. I had Sutter at school with me and I had a very enlightening experience. When you're blind, you really can't tell what your dog is doing when you're just standing or sitting still!! It's really very frightening. Sutter is very leaf distracted so I was super nervous that he'd go lunge for one of them. I had him in his head collar so he wouldn't be pulling me, but still! If you've never gone on a sighted guide walk with your puppy, you should try it. I see my job in a whole new way, now.

Sutter's Echo Glen picture!

Mr. Volunteer
Today is a pretty boring day. We went on a walk and otherwise he's been in the house just hanging out. He's so good when I'm able to confine him to one or two rooms. Daniel still has a hard time with getting him excited. When he's too excited he jumps and get a little mouthy, so Daniel just doesn't get to play with him anymore.

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