Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Drudgery

I don't know how days can ever be drudgery with a puppy, but today was a very dull day. All of my academic classes were cancelled so I basically ended up working out in the gym and waiting around for a long time. The gym is a semi-challenging place, so I was cautious taking Sutter there. I remember Janda didn't have reactions until the 2nd time there so tomorrow will be interesting. But funny enough, Sutter didn't mind the elliptical machine but HATED the treadmill!! Knowing he will have to work on a treadmill at GDB, I'm going to avoid that for now. But we did spend a few minutes just sitting by it, and eventually he was comfortable standing next to it.

Sutter also has a stair problem with a particular set of stairs at his raiser's work. He encountered a set of stairs that he DOES NOT LIKE at school. Food reward doesn't help, coaxing doesn't help, taking it slow doesn't help, so in a few days we're going to try a "mentor dog" as another PIT just got approved to come on campus. Otherwise we'll avoid those stairs, too.

But he did great at Echo Glen! Got along VERY well with the two other PITs there (CCI dogs Dilbert and Beeker) and stayed quiet in his crate. All the kids loved him and he kind of looks like Dilbert so they were all asking, "why do you have Burt? And why is he in a green vest?" :)

It looks like I'll always post pictures a day late. I don't want to hunt down my camera right now.

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