Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Mom,

I hope you and dad are having a great time on your trip! This morning I woke up and thought "oh no! Somebody kidnapped me!" and then I realized I was just at Anna's house still.

It's Thursday! So that means I get up real real early and bounce around until Anna feeds me! I'm very careful not to wake her up though. I always make sure she's moving before I stick my nose on the edge of her bed and just stare longingly at her.

Anna's gotten mean at school. She says that no one can pet me except for the drama kids. SHE says that's because the drama kids know how to do it right. But all I know is I want to squirm all around on the floor and she won't let me! She's also mean because she's making me slow down and not run up and down stairs. I'm just always in a hurry, mom! You understand, don't you? We walked up and down stairs for HALF AN HOUR today! I mean, I'm not complaining, but I think there's better way I could be spending my napping or getting a belly rub.

Anyway, after school, dinner, and a play session at home, we started out going shopping and then to Anna's community group for Bible study. I was so excited! I love the people at community group, and they love me! But then Anna got a call from her Police Explorer Chief and said we had to go to Honor Guard training instead. I know what THAT means. Boring boring boring sitting and learning and watching people march. Ugh. I have to do SO much sitting and watching! Anna says it's good experience to watch soldiers march in their full uniforms and big boots. I think it's just boring. That's puppy stuff!

So, if you feel like coming to get me, I'm all for it. Except, not tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a short day of school and then Anna is taking me to the Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market. And we get to ride the bus!! So wait till Saturday to come get me back...I love you!

Well, I'm sleepy. These college kids stay up SO late..... *yawn* night mommy!!


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