Tuesday, May 4, 2010


How could anyone NOT want to be me? I have the cutest, sweetest, wonderfullest puppy in the planet lying on my beanbag chair. She also happens to be most affectionate and probably shows more "emotion" than any of my previous pupsters.

Today I picked her and her paraphernalia up on the way to school. After school, she got to come home for the first time in.....a while! She was so super excited to be back in the house! Tail wagging non-stop for the first 10 minutes. Had to make sure all her favorite toys were still in the toy box. Had to make sure the beanbag was still there. Had to make sure her water bowl is where she remembered it. Of course it all was, and now she's happy after some good exercise and a long day of school.

She has approval to come to the police station for my explorer meeting tonight. That'll be a fun experience!!

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Sarah and the Pack. said...

Yay for Janda being back! Have fun and I hope your meeting goes well.